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We're a dedicated team of creatives, engineers and producers, doing what we love, day in and day out.

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Strategy works, when Research & Execution is Right.

We are a small friendly team doing BIG things. We believe in creating impactful designs for products and services.

With over 14 years of Experience Design (UX) & Branding strategies, we build Brand Presence, Brand Establishment, Digital Products, enhance Customer Experience with marketing perspective and UX intelligence, where all the elements of your vision and corporate mission are interpreted accurately.

We love what we do, but what really makes us shine is years of experience and a deep knowledge of internal business processes that empower us to develop products/ services which are exactly as they should be. We never take the easy way and keep up with the times, always sticking to the newest trends in design and development.

With the most cutting‑edge design methodologies, we offer a robust suite of digital services, including inventive web design and development, UX/UI enhancement, and digital marketing solutions that push boundaries and create measurable business impact. Check out our digital masterpieces in our Portfolio. Helping teams & companies unlock the true value of user experience & design. Let's Collaborate.

Meet the Leadership Team

Co-Founder & Managing Director
Kartick Hari Founder & Director of Digital Design
Nick Papillon Consulting Partner – USA
Yeshvanth Kumar Lead UI Analyst
Rashmi Kardkal Visualizer & Designer
Sanneth kariveda UX/UI Designer
Abhin MS Designer – UX/UI
Aravind Kumar V UI Developer
Komal Content writer
Akash Phalaksha Digital Marketing Executive
Sangram S Bahadhur Accounts Manager

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