Who is the client?

Bidcoins.io is the first of its kind bidding DApp built on blockchain which provides custom utility tokens to the users that can be utilized to enter & bid at any online/offline auction forums.

What was our task? How did we take the first step towards tackling it?

We were given the task to develop designs for web and mobile web application. We offered a complete business experience service that included CX, CXO, BOXO and BOX. We were presented with the challenge to strategize the brand identity that best represents the brand's values.

What has the project journey been like?

Having been a part of the core team since the inception of the product, we were involved in productization exercises along with the stakeholders. We conceptualized the brand identity strategy by conducting a survey study on competitors to understand the market needs better. We also underwent a tech stack study for the MVP. With insights from stakeholders and blockchain architects & developers, we then set up a practical version for MVP. The wireframe and UI designs for the prototype have been provided as the final step.

The progress?

While the product is still under development, we have successfully designed and developed the first MVP version of the product using a simplified design language. The second version of the design is in progress.

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