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About Easybids

EasyBids is a multi-functional platform that connects people with verified & skilled locally based contractors for their home improvement projects and help such contractors find & gain jobs that match their expertise, through a hassle-free & fair bidding process. The customers have complete liberty as to whom they choose to allow into their homes based on the contractor's work review & background checks.

The platform provides contractors with complete freedom to bid on projects that match their expertise, as per their desired rates in the location of their choice, without ever having to leave the comfort of their office or home. With a platform like EasyBids, freedom, safety & security is guaranteed.

Problem analysis

We were given the responsibility of revamping the brand and presenting it to the world in a new light.

As the brand is that of a marketplace, designing a website that gave the users a clear idea of the process was of utmost importance.

A simple website, which reflected the brand's purpose was the goal.


Color is powerful. It influences not only how people feel, but what they do. The psychology of color can help strengthen your brand, encourage sales, & even guide visitors toward specific pages or actions on your website.


Pick a category that your project belongs to. We have various categories ranging from kitchen re-modelling to swimming pool construction & many more.

UI Screens

We make sure to create the user interface meeting users’ needs & making the experience pleasant & satisfying. To build effective UI, our designers dive deep into the peculiarities of your applications, learn their constituents & functionality.


We gain a key insight or learning into the problem , so as to reframe the problem to reflect it.


As the requirement was that of both designing the mobile application & the website, using elements that connect both is of high importance.


Incorporating images that represented the brand's purpose, like enhancing human interaction elements enhances user involvement.


Simple UI & incorporating commonalities makes the switch from website to app or vice versa, easier.

Client Say

We would like to thank and recommend Earnings Designs to anyone looking to enhance their current website, App or create a new one. These guys are top shelf when it comes to new and innovative way to help your business come to life. Not only are their designs and features incredible, their outside the box thinking on ways to go to market, management, advertising separates them from the pack! We have been working with them for over 2 years with great pleasure. They deliver on what they say they will do and they always keep you informed on what’s happening.

Thomas Gonzales Chief Operations Officer, Easybids.com