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Branding Design & Social media Video strategy for ISUZU Event

Value Offered
- Brand Awareness
  • Design strategy
  • Campaign video for customer acquisition objective
  • Captured experience of customer behaviour when he first touches the car, sits in the car etc.
  • Help to run campaigns within 2-3 days. Many people viewed the video.
  • Isuzu did this type of campaign for first time on customer service perspective

ISUZU Motors, is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers with a dominant presence in commercial vehicle, Sport Utility vehicle segments.


We had to create a campaign strategy and video ad for customer acquisition objective.


We created two videos which captures experience, customer behavior and reactions when customers first feels and drives the car in reality scenarios in the forest and off-road.

It was based on "Great CxO Adventure" drive experience.

Value Earned

Isuzu took this step for making this type of video ad for customer service perspective for the very first time.

Within 2-3 days of release of the video, the user views had reached to 2.8K Organic views