website redesign

User Experience Re-design Strategy for Large Scale, High Traffic Global News Website

Who says news website is boring?

We re-designed Nakkheeran: an exciting, dynamic and truly engaging news portal for global device agnostic users.


The first challenge was to come up with a new and innovative way to visualize and segment audiences to raise efficiency. And discover possible audience extensions as the original site was not mobile user friendly, it lacked audience from that area.

The second challenge was to unify the look and general feeling of the various areas of the website. Add few features i.e.

  • - Magazine reading experience (CX)
  • - Enterprise CMS for News Room Administration (BOXO)
  • - Scalable Cloud Infrastructure
  • - Regional Language Typography (UI)
  • - Reading experience for International Audience (CX)

Through acquisition and releases of the years, the experience was disjointed and jarring.


We did our Research with available data, User Research, Experience Strategy and arrived at design principles for the website. We have gone one more step in understanding the regional news reading experience in the competitive market.

The previous platform was dark and difficult to navigate as it was a very old design. We provided a new unified interface system that made reading experience bright, welcoming, and easy.

The clean, cohesive, and fully responsive experience provides much needed clarity for the user and credibility for the publication.

We’ve got responsive on lock. Starting mobile-first, we architected a user experience that’s beautiful and functional from pocket to widescreen.

Twining the research with the organizational focus on acquiring new readers,. We went on creating design guidelines to kick-start our project strategies. The versatile trend of decreasing reading trends has been a key challenge in having our design guidelines very adaptive to accommodate the shifts in reading habits. That in case forced us to have more contextual features to keep readers at ease and engaged.

Value Earned

We successfully created an innovative news & magazine reading experience which attracted mobile users at the same time retaining the old customers as well. The design was extremely well received by the executives and their readers. It gives a more unified user experience across all areas.

  • - Mobile readers increased by 35% within a week of deployment
  • - Subscriber registration rate increased exponentially
  • - Reading experience & News Management experience enhanced with monitoring
  • - Site traffic increased by 20%