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Brand identity redesign strategy for a technology solution provider

The Beehive software are technology solution providers for small & enterprise class businesses. Be it a mobile app or a web app, the "beehive" as they passionately call themselves the "beehive" are design and development mavericks, who create exceptional, high performance designs. Hence, with revamping the website and logo, we made sure that they represented everything that the company stands for.

While redesigning the logo, we took a very minimalistic approach with the graphical representation of a beehive along with bringing in the tech aspect of the brand. Two hexagons are used to form a hive depicting harmony and balance. The bee is used as the central, shape connecting element. As a closed solid shape, hexagon represents the software aspect as well. The magenta color has been retained as it symbolises the brand's values, harmony combined with understanding and intellectual depth. Grey represents sophistication and timelessness.

The website has been redesigned to reflect the minimalistic and informative aspects of the brand. An animation of a hive has been included in the homepage to symbolize a sense of community. Key information has been showcased upfront so that the users won't face any trouble when finding what they are looking for. Shades of pink and purple has been retained throughout the website. Overall, the website reflects the brand and team's sense of belonging and harmony.