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ZASTI is an

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology platform.

About Zasti

ZASTI, an artificial intelligence company, using the power of AI and machine learning are inventing the most innovative & effective solutions for complex problems in healthcare & transportation industries.

They believe in the power of collaborative intelligence which empowers and augments the capabilities of workforces and not replace them.

Their vision is to develop a company, which through the actions and in collaboration with others, advances and improves the needs of people through the power of science and technology.

Problem analysis

Ahead of a global expansion, ZASTI came our way for a complete re-branding.

With newly added solutions for different industries, they wanted a logo and website that was modern, unique & represented them the best.

It was highly important that the new look of ZASTI stayed true to their vision.


Rather than going ahead and creating a completely new logo for Zasti, we decided on creating something new that was comparatively similar to the old in terms of visual representation, since Zasti was an already established brand. So, decluttering a few elements from the old and introducing a fresh custom-crafted font gave it a rock-solid vibe to the brand.


Zasti’s business solutions were advance, premium, and utilized state of the art technologies. To cope with all these pillars we gave Zasti a primary color blue, now it gives Zasti an advantage to connect their technology more and more with people as psychologically people tend to develop more trust with the color blue. Also, the introduction of the color toned black helped Zasti hold its premium market solutions.

Caribbean Blue #00ACEE

It is associated with stability, innovation & loyalty


It gives sense of power, mystery & strength


It calms & balances the mind & the emotions


It is considered cool & assured, shows neutrality


It shows spirituality, & goodness, signify a new beginning


Today people judge your brand personality by the fonts you use on your website & other marketing materials. So to express your brand personality accurately, we choose carefully.

UI Screens

We make sure to create the user interface meeting users’ needs & making the experience pleasant & satisfying. To build effective UI, our designers dive deep into the peculiarities of your applications, learn their constituents & functionality.


We gain a key insight or learning into the problem , so as to reframe the problem to reflect it.


Use of geometry shapes proved wiser for designs like Zasti and AI brands.


Designed Zasti not only to make it look good but more important was conveying a right message at right instance through design.


Research and investigating our own design ecosystem gave us enough push to make designing Zasti possible.